Process and requirements to become a member of Local 289 IATSE

Any person residing within the Jurisdiction (Elmira/Corning/Watkins Glen/Ithaca/Hornell, Cortland & Binghamton) of this Local for a period of at least six months, shall be considered an eligible candidate.

An eligible candidate is to fill out an application (which is available from our Business Agent David Bailey 607-733-7159) or by requesting an application by mail to IATSE Local 289 PO Box 1147 Elmira, NY 14902 and pay a non-refundable processing fee of $100.00..
Once the application is completed and mailed by the Local to the IA Office, the candidate must deposit, or cause to be deposited in the hand of the FINANCIAL SECRETARY - TREASURER, one half of the initiation fee, (initiation fee is $250.00) balance to be paid at the time of initiation. The application shall then be referred to a committee, if deemed necessary by the body, appointed by the President, who shall make inquiry as to the candidate's qualifications as a worker, and as to the character, and report thereon at the next regularly scheduled meeting. If the committee reports favorable, and a favorable report is received from the International Office, the Union shall immediately go into election by ballot. If the candidate receives a majority of the votes cast he or she shall be declared elected. If the candidate is rejected, the initiation fee shall be returned. Any person who has been rejected cannot make application for six months after said date. The above process takes approx. 3 to 4 weeks.

The best time to apply is the last quarter of any year or the first quarter of the new year. If one wishes to join at any other time they may do so but they will have to pay all back dues for the preceding year.

Normally when a candidate is initiated they start as an apprentice. There are exceptions to that rule based on application information and known theatre experience. The Business Agent will make the determination for the progression from apprentice to journeyman. Our Constitution states that one must move from apprentice to journeymen in at the very least a two year period. The information for determination will or may come from other members, venue personnel; IA accredited training, work ethic, and viewed professionalism.


Pursuant to Article 19 Section 14 of the IA Constitution, it shall be compulsory for each affiliated Local to collect from its members a minimum of $5.00 over and above the amount of the stamp. The cost of stamps for 2019 are $56.00. Consequently, the dues per quarter for 2019 will be $61.00. Dues must be paid in one of three options, quarterly, semiannually, or annually in advance of that period.

Currently, assessments are at 5% of your gross wages or flat fee of $547.50. The percentage of 5% may vary during the year based on a new budget and or financial requirements; however the flat fee will remain the same. Travelling members have the option of either paying 2 percent of their gross wages for the year or pay $547.50 up front for the whole year.

Once a journeyman member pays in full, all financial obligations, they may request a travelling card.

Before receiving your yearly membership card, all financial requirements must be met for the previous year.


P.O. BOX 1147
ELMIRA, NY 14902
(607) 733-7159