David Bailey 607-733-7159 is Local 289 Business Agent. David’s job is to be the liaison with employers. The BA is part of the contract negotiating committee. The BA takes labor requests for shows, then either contacts members and associated workers (called permit workers or "stringers" non-cards) to work the calls or allows the House Steward to do so.

For large productions at both First Arena and The Clemens Center the Steward is usually Malinda Miller 607-438- 9729. The steward is the Local's representative on the job. The steward works in conjunction with the BA assigns people to jobs and keeps track of hours worked. The Steward and or the BA fills out job sheets, makes sure workers are properly paid, and disciplines workers who violate the work rules. Discipline might range

from fines for lateness to dismissal for such things as insubordination, unsafe work habits, fighting on the job, or working under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any inappropriate workplace behavior. On the job site, the Steward's and or the BA’s word is final!

If a worker will be late to a call or if they must decline the call for any reason after accepting the call, they must contact the Steward, and or the BA if the steward cannot be reached directly. If all else fails, they should contact the venue prior to call time as soon as possibly known so that a replacement by the Steward can be contacted.

When you arrive at the venue you will be assigned to a department. Hands are generally expected to stay in their own department especially during the load-in, however they are permitted to assist in any area once their tasks are completed. Many hands make light work. This process improves efficiency on the job, making it clearer who is responsible for each task as the show moves from venue to venue. If everyone does their job, and assists where possible, then everything will get done and nothing will be missed.

A stagehand is expected to bring a minimum set of tools for the job assigned. At the least, a hand should have
crescent wrench and work gloves. Stagehands should arrive ten to fifteen minutes early and check in with the Steward immediately upon arrival. As to personal clothing, one must wear what is appropriate for the outside weather conditions.

When using tie line ALWAYS tie with a bow, never a square knot. When coiling cable always coil in a clockwise progression. If the cable does not wish to follow you, just do a under loop, where you place one loop under another as you coil.

We must always use safe working practices and avoid unsafe situations. When lifting, use your legs, not your back. Work together on heavy lifts. On ramps, push from the back and sides of large crates so as not to be run over if you trip. Be very careful when rolling heavy equipment such as pianos etc. so as not to run into anything or cause damage to the piano or the house. When rolling objects from one end of the theatre to the other slow down so you will not to run into seats, walls, doors, etc. Not all casters work properly. Taking an extra two or three minutes may save undue stress and aggravation for both the House and Local 289.

NEVER work while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including prescribed drugs which could cause drowsiness, lightheadedness, or disorientation. If you come to work under the influence, you WILL be sent home and or removed from future calls.

If you have problems with any tool, machine, or device bring it to the attention of the show or venue staff so you can receive directions as to how to make it work. Don't just ignore it. It’s your task, get it done.

IATSE Local 289 recognizes that during large shows substantial volumes of equipment is moved into and out of the stage and that inevitably an accident that causes damage will occur, however we are professionals and we should always be aware of our surroundings. If something breaks report it to the Steward, show staff, or the venue personnel. Do not attempt to repair it yourself unless directed to do so. Sometimes we may jump into the fast

lane and get side-tracked as to what’s really happening. We must be cautious of the tour’s equipment or sceneryas well as the house.

All our venues are professional houses and we expect nothing less than our stagehands to work professionally. When we are close to a load-in completion hands may be waiting for instructions, please be courteous to the tour company personnel and be QUIET. They may be focusing lights, or adjusting sound levels, or adjusting the backstage monitors that could be live at any time. Our language and actions while working within our venues should be consistent with what you would find in any professional environment. Profanity, inappropriate or racial remarks will not be tolerated.



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